The Watercooler ~ Even Californians Turning on Obama as Dems Running Scared

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When even the Los Angeles Times is prompted to publish Obama’s failures publicly, it’s worth pausing to take note. It must have been hard for this self-proclaimed, die-hard Obamacare supporter (and journalist) to put this in writing:

He’s supposed to be the technology president, propelled into office by his team’s expertise in social media, Internet tracking and online fundraising.

Today, he looks like the fumbler-in-chief, clueless and groveling.

Indeed, the almost tearful confession continues:

It’s no secret that I’m a supporter of President Obama. But I am disappointed right now, and angry that he let so much go wrong at such an important moment.

That he lied to us — even if he didn’t know it — when he blithely promised that anyone who liked their current insurance could keep it. That he didn’t bother to keep track of how work was going on the plan’s enrollment portal. That the public relations hype, hurrying people to sign up, seemed more important than leveling with the public.

How sad. But this piece in the San Francisco Gate offers more than anecdotal evidence that the Obama/Democrat love affair in California is beginning to fracture:

While a bare majority of voters in solidly blue California still approve of President Obama’s job performance, dissatisfaction with his leadership on key issues has increased significantly – especially among those who were once solidly part of his base, according to a Field Poll released Tuesday.

And in a finding that could affect Obama’s fellow Democrats as they head into the 2014 elections, the poll shows that just one-third of California voters surveyed say the country is moving in the right direction, while 55 percent believe it is “seriously off on the wrong track.” That’s a significant decline from February, when 48 percent said the country was on the right track and 44 percent said it was on the wrong track.

But my most favorite part must really be scaring the Dems:

Among those souring on the president are groups that have been among his strongest supporters, the poll showed – Latinos (a 16-point jump in disapproval), union households (18 points) and women (13 points).

This is all good.

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