The Watercooler ~ California Frackin', Donnelly for Governor and Bullet Train Derailed

Here’s another refreshing video promoting Tim Donnelly for Governor. “You would create up to three million jobs over a five year span if we could just tap fifteen percent of the Monterrey Shale.” Go for it, Donnelly.

(For the record, the Moonbeam has not yet decided if he’s going to run again next year.)


And it looks like the California liberal’s utopian dream of a useless, unaffordable bullet train is about to be derailed:

In rulings that threaten the future of California’s bullet train, a Sacramento judge on Monday ordered the state to draft a new budget for the multibillion dollar project and prove there’s enough money to finish the job before it is started.

Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny found the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority failed to follow voter-approved requirements designed to prevent reckless spending on the $68 billion project. Those safeguards are a key piece of the ballot measure voters approved in 2008 allowing the state to sell $10 billion in rail bonds to help build the nation’s first high-speed rail line, from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


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