The Watercooler ~ Assemblyman Tim Donnelly Enters California Race for Governor

Promising to make an otherwise predictably boring election entertaining, California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly — a Tea Party favorite — will officially throw his hat in the ring to run against Governor Brown who is expected to seek another term in 2014.

For those who don’t follow California politics, Donnelly has been a consistent bullhorn for conservative views since he was elected to the state assembly in 2010 against the backdrop of a super-majority of Democrats intent on burying the state in all the garbage that Democrats use to bury their citizens.

To get a feeling for Donnelly’s boldness and sense of humor, he made headlines last year when he was cited for carrying a loaded gun at Ontario International Airport, causing California gun-grabbers to become quite hysterical. He also happens to be an unapologetic social conservative — making the radical left in Cali run screaming and pulling their hair out.

And this video proves that even Hollywood is beginning to see the light on the failed policies of Democrats as Rob Schneider changes parties and endorses Donnelly for governor:

Hopefully, enough Californians will join Schneider in recognizing it’s time to make drastic changes in the state. Donnelly provides the chutzpah and the right answers to the state’s morass of Democrat messes to get the job done.

You can take a look at Donnelly’s website here.

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