The Watercooler ~ Grammar Panda On the Loose...

From time to time, my perfectionist tendencies overtake me to the point where I risk the indignant wrath of fellow bloggers by criticizing/correcting something they have said in a comment or published in a diary.

I realize that, generally speaking, it is considered rude and even tacky to go there. And most of the time, for the sake of comity, I don’t.

But, being that it’s Friday and most of us are pretty exhausted from watching the most bizarre shutdown kabuki dance play out in D.C., I thought I’d change the subject for a day and open up a discussion about an unfolding grammar crisis that’s really bothering me.

Since the Tea Party movement is not going away any time soon, I think it is imperative to stop torturing the English language and embarrassing yourself when changing the term to its plural form.

Since the term, “Tea Party” is a title or proper noun, the proper plural form when referring to them is, “Tea Partyers,” not “Tea Partiers,” or “Tea Partys,” not “Tea Parties.”

Without going so deep in the weeds that I get stuck, changing the word Partyers to Partiers is improper because the word Party is not a verb in this case. It is a proper noun and therefore, the proper plural is Tea Partyers — meaning the people who belong to the Tea Party movement.

There. I said it. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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