The Watercooler ~ Highlights of the California Republican Party Convention *UPDATE*

UPDATE 10/11/13 Here’s another great piece written by Ron Robinson, Digital Director for the Tea Party California Caucus, regarding how the TPCC utilized technology to organize, train and inform delegates as well as potential delegates.


Perusing the FlashReport, California’s popular conservative political blog, I pulled out several articles to review the happenings at last weekend’s California Republican Party Convention held in Anaheim where Governor Rick Perry was a keynote speaker on Saturday night.

The first article, written by a first-time delegate attendee representing the San Luis Obismo County Tea Party, Randall Jordan, gives insight into how the Tea Party impacted the event and brings hope that things can still change in California where Democrats hold a super-majority in the legislature. Clarifying their purpose and goals, Jordan writes:

We signed up a volunteer base of more than 100 CRP members, while having a great time at the convention. Our members attended dozens of CRP meetings and workshops and engaged moderators and attendees on what true conservatism really is. We constantly reminded CRP members that Tea Party stands for only three things:

* Constitutionally Limited Government

* Fiscal Responsibility

* Free Markets.

The new Tea Party California Caucus introduced five resolutions to the Resolution Committee:

1) Elimination of Common Core

2) Defund and dismantle High Speed Rail

3) Make voter ID mandatory

4) Enforce existing Immigration Laws

5) Eliminate Agenda 21 from our local Governments.

We eventually dropped our Immigration Resolution when it was shown to us that the language in the Immigration plank of the CRP Platform was actually stronger than ours.

Exciting changes are happening in California as the Tea Party rolls up their sleeves and prepares to make a big difference in the GOP.

The next article written by the founder and editor of the FlashReport, Jon Fleischman, highlights winners and losers at the convention. Favorite winners:

Chairman Jim Brulte – As the new Chairman of the State GOP, this convention was Brulte’s first. By every measure that matters, it was a successful event. Given the sudden absence (due to the government shutdown) of many Members of Congress (including NRCC Chairman Greg Walden, who was the scheduled Saturday lunch speaker), Brulte still managed flawless execution.

Governor Rick Perry and Dr. Arthur Laffer – The former’s Saturday night dinner remarks and the latter’s Executive Committee luncheon speech laid out with laser focus the positive impacts of pro-growth policies in red states, and the detrimental policies in blue states – specifically, our state.

Favorite loser:

CA Teachers Association – Despite being officially designated as an “unwelcome organization” by the State GOP, the CTA showed up. As if to poke a stick into the eye of convention conservatives, they hosted a hospitality suite opposite the Saturday night dinner featuring Governor Perry. Perhaps they should have gone to the dinner, and hear Perry criticize the poor performance of California schools, and the negative impacts of public employee unions.

And for those who are actively involved across the nation in defeating Common Core, this piece written by Bill Evers, a member of the State Executive Committee and State Central Committee of the California Republican Party, will really encourage other activists.

Tea party groups are among the grassroots constitutionalist conservatives who have come to oppose the Common Core. Randall Jordan from San Luis Obispo is a Tea Party Caucus member in the California GOP state Central Committee. He drafted a proposed resolution, which I modified. Randall agreed with my modifications. The Resolutions Committee unanimously approved of our revised proposal and sent it to the convention floor. The convention overwhelmingly passed our resolution “to oppose and eliminate’ Common Core education polices in California on Sunday morning, Oct. 6.

Overall, these new developments give me hope that California can still be snatched out of the hands of the progressives. God help us.

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