The Watercooler ~ Ode to Senator Ted Cruz

I’m having so much fun this morning watching the trolls flood RedState. Senator Cruz has truly terrified the left as they see their dream of socialized medicine for America being threatened on every side.

Thanks to the most courageous and smart warrior taking the stage in defense of liberty this week, the trolls are losing control and desperately trying to convince everyone we are not seeing what we are seeing, hearing what we are hearing, and feeling what we are feeling as the doomed (un)Affordable Care Act approaches (partial) implementation.

Makes me wanna do the happy dance.

Speaking of that, I found this awesome song to dedicate to Senator Cruz today. Hang in there, Senator. RedState’s got your back. And don’t forget in the heat of the battle, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10

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