The Watercooler ~ I Just Gave Karl Rove a Standing Ovation...!?!

Once again, before I watched Fox News Sunday this morning, I was feeling overwhelmingly disgusted with Washington, D.C., actually fantasizing about how we could oust not Assad of Syria, but Obama of America. Not accustomed to feeling completely powerless to do anything about a president who, in the private sector, would have been fired about three years ago, the thought of having to tolerate three MORE years of the amateur hour while most Americans are languishing in despair (over the “transformation” America is undergoing) physically sickens me.

Then out of nowhere, Karl Rove rose up out of the ashes this morning and kicked Juan Williams’ butt on the Fox News Sunday show.

Chris Wallace was leading the panel in a discussion on the status of the Benghazi investigation. I mean, here we are coming up on the one year anniversary of the scandalous tragedy in Libya and our Bumbler-in-Chief has not been able to figure out who’s responsible for savagely murdering four Americans on that dreadful night. Not only that, but his administration thinks it is none of our business what the president was doing while the attack was taking place and pompously refuses to release the documents that would trace his actions so we can see how he handled the crisis.

But, back to Rove and Williams. Since I can’t do the episode justice using words, I’ll just let you watch it for yourself:

Williams’ smugly thought he won that round, but I give it to Rove. And Brit Hume and Chris Wallace were so stunned with the depth of Williams’ denial, all they could do in response was nervously laugh out loud.