The Watercooler ~ Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook Open Thread

I must be feeling political writer’s block as I searched the web today wanting to write an interesting Watercooler thread, but wound up frustrated with the mostly depressing reports and abandoning the idea altogether until I found this youtube video.

Not sure how it’s related to RedState other than it shows a church’s attempt at becoming socially relevant in their church service. As conservative political activists, we definitely could use some of that kind of creativity in our churches to get across our message. My favorite line in the song, “Sunday you act like a saint, but your Facebook posts say you ain’t.”

I was unable to find any information at youtube regarding the name or location of this church, but got a kick out of the lyrics warning their members to use discretion when they post on Facebook. Once it’s out there, you’ll never retrieve it.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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