The Watercooler ~ The Hope of Glory in Sanford

It’s easy to get discouraged if we only focus on the bad guys all the time. But, even the apostle Paul comforted the early believers who were perplexed by false teachers and false apostles who had infiltrated the church to disrupt their progress — telling them that it was necessary to have the false juxtaposed along side the authentic to contrast the difference.

The George Zimmerman trial has caused alarm and brought attention to the plight of the black community, as well as the failure of the church to impact its problems. And streiff wrote a brilliant piece describing how the process of bringing Zimmerman to trial was infected with nearly diabolical political players.

But in the midst of all of the drama, I see hope in America. I was able to watch most of the trial and in spite of the tremendous political pressure coming from big state and federal government bullies, at the end of the day, it was the locals — average everyday Americans — who proved that we the people still have the power to make a difference.

While watching the trial, I was constantly impressed with the professionalism of the local police and their near flawless investigation of the case. From the first officers on the scene to the forensic experts, their testimony was unimpeachable.

And now this morning I read this:

Monday afternoon, city officials, including Mayor Jeff Triplett and Police Chief Cecil Smith, praised the restraint of the people of Sanford during a prayer service at New Life Word Center Church conducted by the group Sanford Pastors Connecting, formed last spring after the tragic shooting.

It seems that throughout the trial, God has been at work behind the scenes.

“Are you starting to feel like we’re covered?” Smith asked. “It might seem unusual for a city official to pose that question. But I get the overwhelming feeling we’ve been covered by God.

“For months, everybody has been watching what would happen in Sanford after the verdict was read. The whole world is watching Sanford. Everyone wants to see us act up. We may not like what has happened, but we’ve put it in God’s hands, no matter what. We have been the most peaceful people, lifting up Christ in the things we do.”

This gives me great hope. Consistent with true conservatism, government works best at the local level. And the people of Sanford are proving it.

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