Jury's Unanimous...Zimmerman Not Guilty!

I just wept as I watched the jury pronounce their verdict. This man — George Zimmerman — demonstrated so much courage and grace as he became a victim of political race-baiters and hucksters, who demonstrated the most reckless disregard for the rights of a good man in order to gain…what, exactly? Vengeance for past racial wrongs?

I don’t know why this has had such an impact on me other than it brings me great joy to see so many good people do the right thing.

In spite of the manipulative, conniving tactics of the Obama administration, the press, and their cohorts on the left (mostly — although those supposedly on the right are not all immune from getting sucked into pandering and catering to those who see racism behind every bush), the local police department, as well as Zimmerman’s attorneys, friends and relatives, were so professional and sincere in their testimony and their investigation of the case that they were able to succeed at seeing an innocent man go free.


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