The Watercooler ~ Oh no! Janet Napolitano's Coming to California???

I’m watching the wrap up of the George Zimmerman trial and thinking the chances of Zimmerman being acquitted are extremely good. I hope it is a unanimous decision for the six-woman jury, but all it takes is one juror to prevent Zimmerman from being convicted of second-degree murder or the lesser manslaughter charge the judge will allow the jury to consider.

Obviously, even though it is not the defense’s job to prove anything, in my opinion, the totality of the evidence proves Zimmerman’s case of complete innocence in light of justified self-defense.

In the meantime, I just heard the news that Janet Napolitano is resigning from the Department of Homeland Security to take a job here in California as President of the University system. Talk about bitter-sweet news. Yea! She’s leaving the Obama administration! Yuck! She’s on her way to my state!

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