The Watercooler ~ Zimmerman and Miscellaneous Other Stuff Open Thread

Just thought I would open things up if anyone wants to discuss the George Zimmerman trial. Here is the link at Fox to watch it live with commentary during breaks.

At this point, I have watched most of the testimony and things are looking good for Zimmerman and not so good for the prosecution. The best (imo) witness just finished testifying. He is the man — John Good — who witnessed the altercation (after it had begun) and described Trayvon Martin straddling Zimmerman on the ground in “mixed martial arts” style, in a “ground and pound” position, beating Zimmerman into the ground. Although he made clear that because of the dark he could not actually see the blows connect to Zimmerman’s face, he believes that was what was taking place. He also believes it was Zimmerman yelling for help. He has been the most compelling witness so far validating Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense in the face of imminent life-threatening danger or the infliction of grave bodily harm.

6/29/2013 One more observation. Since Florida law allows trials to be televised, the witnesses — many of whom live in the town homes where the incident occurred — seem more tense and filled with dread over having to testify. After all, if Zimmerman is acquitted, the whole nation not only knows the witnesse’s names, they also know exactly where they live. Who knows how far the race-baiters will go to milk this for all it’s worth. I don’t blame them for being a little stressed. I wonder if their town house neighborhood is being provided extra security right now? I hope so.


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