Prop. 8 Case An Outrage

Since I live in California, it is not easy to forget the judicial manipulations that took place to get us where we find ourselves today — with a Supreme Court ruling that left in place a previous ruling striking down a ballot initiative whereby the people of the State of California amended the State Constitution to state that marriage shall only be between one man and one woman.

To make clear the scandalous process, I copied and pasted this comment from another thread by “congressworksforus” as it is the most succinct explanation of what just took place and explains exactly why the whole nation should be furious.

Actually, the reasoning for dismissing on standing grounds in the Perry (Prop 8) opinion is very bad news for the people of this country. Liberal activists celebrating this decision today will rue it once they realize its implications.

What the court effectively said is that since this was a State Constitutional issue, only the State could appeal the initial court decision and that a private party has no standing.

Think this through.

This was not legislation being overturned; it was a ballot initiative. SCOTUS has just told every State executive branch that if it doesn’t like a people-driven ballot initiative that amends its State Constitution, all that needs to happen is for one activist judge to strike it down and then sit back and do nothing since only the State can appeal the decision.

Pray tell; what happens when The People of a given State overwhelmingly pass a ballot initiative to restrict the power of their elected officials, have a solitary judge overturn it, and then see it fade into the annals of failed history because the State (run by said elected officials) refuse to stand up for what its own citizens demanded of it?

This is catastrophic.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. The outrage here in California — for the millions who voted to protect the sanctity of marriage — is palpable and the message is clear. Screw we the people.

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