The Watercooler ~ Leaders Don't Create Movements; Movements Create Leaders

When I first started getting really serious about doing something — anything, or simply my part to save America from doom — starting way back (seems like a long time ago, but to many of you veteran political activists, it’s a drop in the bucket of time) in 2008 after Obama was elected, but reaching a climax of personal panic after the passage of Obamacare — I remember seeing this relevant statement on one of the many Tea Party-type political blogs I began reading: “Leaders don’t create movements — movements create leaders.”

Movements create leaders. It’s so true. Think George Washington. (I’ll say more about why this is true later.)

Sometimes the inevitable consequences coming on the horizon of any crisis, whether it be political or personal, can only be seen by certain individuals. At the time of the unfolding crisis, these individuals usually try to warn others of what’s to come and prepare them for the aftermath. Unfortunately, until the crisis has reached a point of no return and the suffering is unavoidable, these leaders are many times ignored and sometimes even scorned. Nevertheless, in hindsight, it is these individuals who are credited with providing the leadership necessary to survive and even prevail through the crisis.

I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking along these lines, but I think it’s time to start looking ahead at how we are going to deal with a nation in crisis. A nation that has tolerated a little compromise here, and a little compromise there, until its governmental boundaries and Constitutional principles have been eviscerated.

I don’t have all the answers today. But I would like to hear from others more experienced and intelligent than I about what they see coming and how we will cope with it.

Denial and pretending that what we have always done in the past is what we need to keep doing today, is not working. Our governments — local, state and especially federal — are failing us. And the failures are so glaring and obvious that to ignore this reality is to doom ourselves.

Any minute now, the Supreme Court may hand us another disastrous, unconstitutional morass of a decision forcing all of us to recognize homosexual “marriages.” Congress is so serious about the state of our nation’s fiscal distress, that the obvious answer is to spend precious time crafting another monstrous bill (crafted in secret by a gang of eight rather than by the one hundred Senators sent there to represent each state in the union) in order to provide comfort and aid to non-citizens who broke our laws to come here. And our esteemed president hides under his desk and pretends Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS-gate, NSA-gate, and intimidating and spying on members of the press (among many other travesties of justice that have occurred under the Obama administration) is not his problem.

The problem with denying the reality of how serious this crisis is is that we keep thinking the very system that has become so corrupted is the system that will save us.

But the system has reached a point where it is incapable of reforming itself. We keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results and nothing changes — they only get worse.

I see on the horizon a true movement coming. A movement of civil disobedience that is forced upon Americans who refuse to consent. A Declaration of Independence declared by Americans who demand to be freed from the tyranny that is resulting from all of the corruption that has taken hold in the U.S.

One last thought. The reason movements create leaders and not the other way around, is because true leaders do not want to lead. They are not plagued by lust for power or greed. They are motivated by need and a desire to help others — a kind of selflessness that is hard to find in America these days. But I am confident that we will see these true leaders arise in the days to come, in the most unexpected places to do the most extraordinary exploits. Unknown George Washingtons, if you will.

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