Rubio The Rubber Duckie

This is getting a little frightening and comical at the same time. Rubio bobs around the political atmosphere like a little rubber duckie — lying and changing his spots each day with all the audacity of the worst liberal we have ever despised — and stalwart conservatives are so mesmerized by the charming little duck that they are unable to face what is taking place.

I think we are witnessing a breakdown of sorts. A denial and inability to handle the truth as Rubio’s betrayals and lies go through a near daily metamorphosis. What is it about Rubio that is causing so many to resist accepting that the man is not who they thought he was? Is it me or are we watching a kind of fear or horror grip those who are witnessing the contradictions in Rubio’s behavior?

Human beings are capable of great evil and self-deception. There must be something going on that is different with Rubio, though. I don’t fully understand it and it’s giving me the creeps.

Perhaps Rubio is shocking even himself. Maybe the pressure he is experiencing in the Washington cesspool — along with the alluring temptations –is exposing weaknesses that he didn’t even realize he had. Kind of like the dross that rises to the surface when heat is turned up on gold. And for many it is too much to bear. (Wait! Don’t give up on him, yet! We know we saw some gold in there! Just throw out the dross and he’ll be fine!)

Personally, living way out here on the west coast, I was assuming Rubio must be something great because so many conservatives I respect were thrilled about him, but I had no reason to like or dislike him either way. So, he is just coming across as one more manipulative political hack to me. One that should be rejected ASAP.

But perhaps I’m being unfair. Maybe there is some gold in there somewhere — underneath all the nasty dross that keeps stubbornly and consistently surfacing. But it’s flat out embarrassing to watch his meltdown and the accompanying excuse-makers come to his rescue.

I think I’ll just sit back and watch a while.

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