The Watercooler ~ Repeal the Johnson Amendment...Or Better Yet, Abolish the IRS

Now is the time for all good Americans to abolish the IRS.

The bigger the government gets, the more bizarre the justifications become to violate our most basic freedoms.

As far back as 1954, conniving politicians used the tax code to stifle free speech when, for example, Lyndon Johnson contrived a way to silence the voices of tax-exempt 501(c)3 organizations who opposed him. Just insert a rule for tax-exempt charitable organizations prohibiting them from endorsing or opposing candidates for office.

And this is Constitutional and justified because why??? Because Lyndon Johnson craved power and reasoned that if the government was going to grant tax-exemption to anyone, that certainly gave them the prerogative to control that entity’s speech. Especially if it might help a certain politician to win an election.

And so the Johnson Amendment stands to this day — intimidating non-profits into silence when it comes to entering into political discourse. (And we wonder why churches have gradually withdrawn from public political discourse — especially in the last sixty years.)

Abolish the whole thing. The whole IRS needs to go. 501(c)3,4,5,…blah, blah, blah. Then we won’t have to waste anymore of our time, money, and energy arguing with them out of fear of what they might do to us if we don’t cower.

Somehow, I’m afraid our fearless Congress critters are incapable of seeing this opportunity for what it is, much less reforming our monstrous tax system. That would make too much sense, not to mention deprive them of too much power.

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