The Watercooler ~ IRS Bullying Will Strengthen Tea Party Conservatives [Cont.d]

*** Okay, so there’s nothing new to add to this diary. Just wanted to keep the open thread accessible.

None of us like to be bullied or persecuted at any time or for any reason — especially in America where we cherish our freedom of speech. But if that is the price we have to pay to stand our ground while speaking the truth, so be it.

One of the Alinsky-like tactics that all good political bullies understand is the principle of isolating your opposition to keep them frightened and weakened. Now that the IRS scandal is breaking wide open for all to see, it is bringing a fresh wave of unity and hope for Tea Party conservatives who no longer feel isolated in their suffering.

And this is just the beginning. Thank God for the many who are willing to fight no matter the cost. As more and more cases of government harassment, bullying and intimidation are brought to light, we will see the Tea Party — and conservatives in general — revitalized and strengthened in morale and in numbers.

Our enemies know that if they can divide, they can conquer. But as the silent wall of bullying-in-secret crumbles before our eyes, we are seeing the Tea Party regrouping, fortifying and unifying like never before. Yes!!!

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