The Watercooler ~ America No Longer An Exceptional Nation [Amended With A Song]

I searched high and low for something worthwhile to write about for the sake of an open thread and everything I found left me feeling nauseated about the state I’m living in and the nation I used to love.

A nation so divided that up has become down, and down has become up. Conservatives in Washington throwing in the towel to the lawless ones and calling “illegal aliens,” “undocumented immigrants.” A new senator that seemed so promising for conservatives morphing into a political animal, joins hands with the Gang of Eight, and promptly betrays so many who supported him for election. A president so blinded by ideology that he cannot bring himself to use the “t” word (terrorist) while discussing the latest terror attack in Boston.

A nation that virtually forced its citizens to provide every welfare program known to the system to support a Chechen family who should never have been allowed to come here at all. A Chechen family who despises us. And what do we get out of this government forced charity? Four dead and scores maimed for life while the crippled FBI (maimed by an Obama administration that forbids federal agents from enforcing federal laws) ineptly tries to explain how and why they let Tamerlan Tsarneav slip through gaping holes in our intelligence apparatus.

And now Erickson is so disgusted with the shenanigans in Washington, he actually spoke of the need to form a third party (a previously taboo topic at RedState).

One good thing for me that has come out of all of this madness in our government is that I finally found some common ground with the leftists. I agree with them that America is no longer an exceptional nation. (Unless you qualify the exception as an exceptional mess.)


Since I’m on a rant, I will bring up one more irritating issue that leaves me morally and ethically conflicted on a near daily basis.

RedState, before the switch to the new platform, had an exciting system in place so that member diarists could compete based on how many recommendations a diary received. There was a button at the top of each diary to recommend it if you felt it was worth recommending and, uniquely, the screen names of each person that recommended it were posted at the top of that diary. So, there was accountability when one recommended a diary. None of this boring anonymous stars or anonymous “likes” business. And the more recommends a diary got, the higher the diary would go in the top ten list of recommended diaries. Sometimes, a diary received so many recommends it would stay on the top ten list for over a week.

This new system has obliterated that and taken away a lot of the fun of writing diaries.

But the part of the new system that has me conflicted is that once you publish a diary, if you need to edit it in the slightest way, disqus pops it back to the top of the list in the box on the right. I am a perfectionist who rarely publishes a diary without seeing something that I need to change. So, every time I edit, it bumps someone else’s diary down the chain — something previously highly frowned upon under the old system.

I just hate it. Okay. Done ranting.


After all that negativity, I found this awesome song to pick me up:

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