The Watercooler ~ Public Sector Lawsuits and You

Ever wondered just how much taxpayers are paying to cover the costs of public sector lawsuits? Get ready for another shock.

In this piece by Tim Scott, Executive Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse:

According to a study released by Towers Watson, the overall cost of the U.S. tort system in 2011 was $264.6 billion, which translates to $857 per person, or more than $3,400 for a family of four. These costs are paid through higher local, state and federal taxes, increased premiums for insurance and higher prices for products and services on a daily basis.

So many battles to fight. This prolonged recession should give us the incentive to reform our tort laws while everyone is looking for ways to cut back. Abuse of the system so that plaintiffs and attorneys can line their pockets at taxpayer’s expense needs to stop.

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