The Watercooler ~ X-Rated Open Thread [Amended]

Okay, I couldn’t resist doing a write-up on this story. I love to pass on tips to my socially conservative comrades across the country and I think I have found the key to eradicate the porn industry in your city.

And who’da thought it could be this easy?

It seems voters in Los Angeles County — the largest porn producer in the world — passed Measure B last November requiring all porn actors to wear a condom while filming.

Film permits requested by the porn industry have all but ceased in Los Angeles County as producers decide how to work around a much opposed law that requires actors to wear condoms during shoots.

Film LA, the non profit organization that processes permits for motion picture, television and commercial production across Los Angeles, has seen applications for permits from the adult film industry plummet to only two so far this year. In previous years, an estimated 500 film permits are requested by the adult film industry annually.

That’s all it took! A simple little condom requirement threw the industry into convulsions over the “loss of freedom of speech and expression.” Just a tiny little regulation has ’em scrambling like cockroaches. Hooray for regulations! But watch out. They may be coming to a city or town near you:

Most production companies have ceased shooting in LA County,” said Diane Duke, chief executive officer of the Canoga-Park based Free Speech Coalition, the trade organization for the adult film industry. “They have other options in other states and communities.”

So, be prepared to give your local city council the tip to keep them out should you get word they are headed your way. The “c” word is all it will take to rain on their parade.



On another note, the passage of OCare has spawned another “unintended consequence.” The federal mandate for all Americans to have health insurance — adding 30 million people previously uninsured to the rolls — has triggered a turf war among health care professionals not just in California, but throughout the nation.

The expansion of coverage is making people think hard about the workforce and whether we have enough providers to care for the 30 million (more) people (nationwide) who will have insurance over the next few years,” said Catherine Dower, associate director of the Center for the Health Professions at the University of California, San Francisco. An additional 3 million to 4 million people in California are expected to have health insurance under the law, Dower said.

The expansion of people eligible for coverage is exacerbating the shortage of primary care physicians across the country. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to compel passage of laws allowing non-doctors to treat a whole host of issues without a doctor’s involvement.

The Watercooler is always an open thread.

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