The Watercooler ~ Let's Allow Felons to Vote [Amended]

One of the primary reasons I battle depression and discouragement related to political matters is because of the state I live in — California. The state that I have watched self-destruct from — by today’s standards — a relatively conservative state that gave us Ronald Reagan and that used to be the standard bearer in quality education, to being the laughing stock of the nation as we have allowed the Dems to gain a super-majority in both chambers in Sacramento.

Well, now we are only starting to see the foolishness that a super-majority of Dems can fabricate as they tamper with legislation to — among other things — change election protocol.

Two of the most egregious examples reflect the reputation liberals have earned for being known as “bleeding heart liberals.”

-AB 938, by Assemblymember Shirley Weber, would allow some felons, such as post-release felons under supervision (a type of parole) to vote;

-AB 149, also by Assemblymember Weber, which would require that voter information packages and registration cards be provided to all inmates at county jails and state prisons.

Sorry to bore you with all of this. Sometimes I run out of topics of interest to write about for the Watercooler each day, and I thought the least I could do is get you to commiserate with me over the mess my state is in.


AMENDMENT 2:53 p.m. PST: In lieu of all the action in Washington regarding federal gun-control legislation, I thought it would be timely to revisit a diary I wrote a few months ago on the ridiculousness of federal mental health background checks.

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