The Watercooler ~ Dirty Little Secrets Behind Obama's Chauvinism

Okay, so I know as a Christian I’m supposed to be loving and overlook a lot of the, shall we say, shortcomings in our fellow man. But even Jesus could not hold back when the hypocrisy of certain individuals reached certain levels.

So, I came upon this little piece and couldn’t resist exposing some more Democratic dirt (that only remains buried because of our exceptionally hypocritical and corrupt in-the-pocket-of-the-left media scoundrels). I mean, if this smarmy story happened in the Repub’s camp, it would be front-paged for days and we all know it.

For a little background, you may or may not have heard about Obama’s little slip of the tongue on a recent fund-raising trip to Cali when he referred to the state’s Attorney General — Kamala Harris — as “the best looking” attorney general. Oops. That one little slip of the tongue caused raised eyebrows for those who remember how Miss Harris “climbed the ladder” in California state politics.

The first time she (Harris) ever appears in a Nexis.com search of California news is March 22, 1994, when she was Assembly Speaker Willie Brown’s date at his 60th birthday party. She was 30 years-plus younger.

That’s right. It seems Harris and Assembly Speaker Willie Brown were an item back in the nineties and Brown appointed Harris to a couple of nice state commissions to oblige the “friendship.”

One minor little point: Speaker Brown was a married man while he was so enamored with the good looks of Kamala Harris that he made her a frequent companion in his professional life. Do you think it at all possible Obama was remembering this little piece of Democratic social history when he made his off-the-cuff comment?

Naw. Democrats wouldn’t be that hypocritical, would they?

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