The Watercooler ~ California Cities Go Bankrupt & Gasoline Taxes Go Up

I sure hope some sanity returns to California voters soon.

As a federal judge gives the go-ahead to the city of Stockton to file for bankruptcy, the liberals on the State Board of Equalization vote to increase gasoline taxes effective July 1, making California gas taxes the second highest in the nation behind New York.

Unfortunately, the trend in Sacramento is to make gasoline prices even more expensive. A recent action by the State Board of Equalization will result in Californians paying more the next time they fill up. On a party-line vote, Sacramento liberals on the board voted to increase the excise tax on gasoline by a whopping 3.5 cents per gallon, starting July 1.

That means that come July 1, Californians pay taxes totaling 67.1 cents per gallon of gasoline — following closely behind New York’s total of 69 cents per gallon.

By the way, this is a good read on the statewide implications of the approval for Stockton to move forward with bankruptcy. Will we see a stampede of cities in California follow suit in order to get out from under pension debt? Stay tuned.

Congratulations, California liberals.

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