The Watercooler ~ Man of the Tombs

I love using music to tell stories.

I woke up this morning full of hope and anticipation for what the future holds for America. All the doom and gloom over all of the propaganda trying to convince us that we have lost the moral war and the homosexuals will soon be throwing us in jail for our beliefs reminds me of that scripture that says that Satan goes around like a roaring lion — seeking whom he may devour.

And I laugh because Satan is a defeated foe. He already got his butt kicked at Calvary. He knows it, his time is getting really short, and he is furious. So, really, we can yawn.

The Supreme Court is not God. The leftist media is not God. Homosexuals certainly are not God — and I think they are way over-playing their hand. They will keep it up until a huge majority turn against them and see them for what they are — deranged fools that really think they will change the truth into a lie.

Not in America, they won’t. And it won’t matter what the Supreme Court says about it. If they misrule, it won’t change the truth and the truth will prevail.

Anyway, back to my song for the day.

Jesus performed so many incredible, exciting miracles during his ministry. This song tells the story of the demoniac known as the “man of the tombs” in the gospels. Since the theme at RedState for the last several days has been redemption, I thought it a fitting story to tell. Listen and enjoy.

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