The Watercooler ~ Going Berserk in Berkeley Taxing Email

Okay, so it hasn’t actually happened…yet. But, seriously, a city councilman in Berkeley, CA (who also happens to be a retired nuclear scientist and futurist??… whatever that is) — Gordon Wozniak — is actually proposing an email tax. An email tax!

But wait until you hear what prompted the councilman to suggest such a desperate measure.

It seems the waning fortunes of the United States Postal Service is hitting close to home resulting in the Postal Service considering selling Berkeley’s main post office. So, the solution to the failure of the government to compete with the private sector — at least to any clear-thinking liberal — is to tax their competitor to make up the difference!

Wozniak, 59, suggested taxing email during a recent council meeting as the city went on record opposing the sale of the Berkeley main post office and urging the Postal Service to maintain all its services there.

Postal officials have announced plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting in August. Email and online billing have reduced the feasibility of — and need for — six-day snail mail delivery, they say.

An email tax — as part of a broader Internet tax — could raise money to help keep the Postal Service afloat, Wozniak told the council.

This has to be the clearest, starkest, outrageousest (made up word), infuriating example of just how the left works to keep a stranglehold on government power. What a worm!

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