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Many of us here at RedState spend a lot of time discussing the various ways the church has lost its influence and failed to step up to the plate in the various culture wars. Most of us know the truth about the role the Bible played in our founding documents — especially in the formation of our legal system.

In a nut shell, for federal or state legislators to ignore or openly violate the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God — as revealed in the Holy Scriptures — when drafting legislation would have been considered gross turpitude and no one would have dared suggest such foolishness for nearly the first two hundred years of our existence.

Yet today, even a lot of conservatives fail to make clear arguments for why we must return to the Judeo-Christian moral foundation of the nation in order to maintain our exceptionalism and continue to thrive as a prosperous country.

Searching for practical answers, yesterday I ran across an outstanding idea for how to get church members off the pulpit and into the public square. It is a church-based ministry called, “The Salt & Light Council.” Their mission:

…to train and equip churches to establish Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries that will defend and promote life, traditional marriage, our constitutional and religious liberties.

It is exactly the kind of program that is needed for the times that we are living in. A practical way to educate and activate believers from inside the walls of the churches for maximum impact. Their mission page goes on to describe who they are and what they do:

We are a non-political, non-partisan organization, dedicated to promoting biblical moral values in the public sector. Further, we are a coalition of cross-denominational churches with active Salt and Light Citizenship Ministries working to rebuild our Christian heritage in America. We seek to love and care for all of God’s people, transforming hearts and minds through prayer, education and action.

We mobilize Christians at the grassroots level, helping them to live out their responsibility to influence government and civic affairs for good. History has clearly shown that without a strong, godly influence to overcome the natural tendency toward evil, governmental authority will destroy God-given rights, including the right to hear and speak His truth.

Maybe some of you would be interested in starting a Salt & Light Council in your church. The website makes doing so sound very easy and stands ready to assist you in getting started.

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