The Watercooler ~ Friday's Open Thread With Miscellany [Amended]

Saturday, Mar.23, 2013 9:22 PST: Added a link in the third paragraph related to ecoli-spreading plastic bags.


Had a hard time coming up with a theme for today’s open thread, so I have been scouring the net for interesting tidbits.

Found this one on the mini-war taking place in California over the evil existence of plastic bags. Seems the city council of a small town in San Diego County — Solana Beach — is rethinking the original policy after a lot of complaints about it, including the threat of a law suit.

To incentivize compliance, the city policy requires retailers to charge ten cents per paper bag for customers who resist bringing their own ecoli-spreading cloth bags. The city claims the money will not be used for the city’s coffers at all. Huh?


For a peek into California politics, there is an interesting discussion taking place at the FlashReport — California’s leading blog for conservatives — over how the Republican party should handle social issues. A number of well-known conservatives including Ray Haynes and a Log Cabin Republican are debating the issue.

Have a great weekend.

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