The Watercooler ~ The Perversion of Justice

The Pacific Justice Institute is working behind the scenes to expose the outrageous perversion of justice taking place as the federal government turns against the very citizens they are representing. Citizens who are paying their salaries.

The following is the opening statement for the project dubbed, “No Way DOJ,” explaining to Americans — who frequently feel broadsided by the travesties of justice occurring daily at the Department of Justice — just how wrong things really are:

What would you do if you found out that the attorney you were paying to represent you, to keep your confidences, to zealously argue on your behalf, was actually asking the court to rule against you?

This exact scenario is playing out right now in courtrooms across America.

For those of us who aren’t attorneys, while we know things seem awfully fishy, Pacific Justice Institute makes clear just how outrageous this conduct is:

The United States Justice Department has the duty of defending lawsuits filed against the “United States” —against “We the People.” Like all other lawyers, the attorneys of the USDOJ owe their clients the duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and zealous representation. Until recently, the DOJ handled high-profile and controversial cases with high levels of professionalism and integrity on behalf of the people of their foremost clients, the United States.

But not anymore.

Earlier last year, at the direction of the President and Attorney General, the DOJ abandoned its representation of the American people in a number of lawsuits filed against the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). That was bad enough—but what happened next went beyond political correctness to violation of the most basic principles of legal professionalism. The DOJ and other government lawyers did not simply step away from these cases after leaving their clients hanging out to dry. Instead, the DOJ actually started filing briefs and making arguments against its former clients! Right now, the DOJ—once pretending to defend DOMA—is using everything it learned as defense counsel to now support the plaintiffs.

Is your dander up yet? To make it perfectly clear:

This scenario would be unthinkable in any other case. What these lawyers are essentially doing is leaving the table for the defendant, walking across the courtroom, and sitting down next to plaintiff’s counsel. The lawyers would be lucky not to get disbarred for flagrantly violating their duties of loyalty, confidentiality, and zealous representation. Yet, because it is the DOJ, and the client is the United States, they don’t believe the same rules apply to them. They think they can get away with this and no one will care.

So, on March 19, 2013, Pacific Justice Institute took a different tact to fight back:

Washington, DC–Pacific Justice Institute is filing complaints today with the Washington D.C. Bar against nine federal attorneys over their handling of litigation involving the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). The complaints, brought by more than 900 people, allege that federal attorneys litigating cases challenging the constitutionality of DOMA intentionally took action to sabotage the case and prejudice the federal defendants that they were charged with defending.

More outrageously outrageous lawlessness from the Obama Administration. When will this stop? When will the American people tell this president, enough is enough?

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