The Watercooler ~ President Obama in Israel [Updated]

Finally, several months into his second term, President Obama is visiting Israel. One never knows exactly what he may do, so Obama’s actions will be watched closely by many. Hopefully, he will refrain from insulting and offending Israelis and, especially, Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Scripture tells us to:

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Psalm 122:6

For those who are Christians, the New Testament reminds us that we owe the Jewish people our gratitude, for unto them were entrusted the oracles of God. And of course, through them came our messiah.


UPDATE: 10:23 PST After publishing today’s open thread, I found this excellent analysis regarding “Obama’s mysterious visit” to Israel, written by Caroline Glick in the Jerusalem Post. It is well worth the read and reveals some of Obama’s possible motives for going to Israel at this time.

The Watercooler is always an open thread.

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