The Watercooler ~ Don't Go Wobbly Now, Conservatives

Watching Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday show yesterday morning was a dismal experience. If you can get through the hulu commercials, it is well worth your time to watch if you missed it.

Especially, the second section (starting at 15:30 minutes in). Wallace juxtaposed Matt Kibbe — founder of Freedom Works and a strong Tea Party conservative — against Steve LaTourette — former congressman, founder of the newly formed Republican Main Street Partnership and another establishment Republican, who could not hide his contempt for Matt Kibbe during the interview.

The third segment consisted of Wallace’s Panel discussion and the Republicans on the panel — Bill Kristol, Nina Easton and Karl Rove — also had a hard time hiding their contempt for the Tea Party conservatives who are shaking up the status quo. While I watched with amazement and disgust, their inability to see that what is taking place is great for conservatives and the party, exposed just how threatened they are by all the change taking place. I also realized this is what victory will look like for us for a while longer — what we see as victories, they view with contempt.

Conservatives must stand strong like never before. The old guard is going to have to get used to new ideas and having their failed views not go unchallenged. In the meantime, it is an ugly sight to watch.

Matt Kibbe was a lone man standing strong amongst all of them.

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