The Watercooler ~ The Three Stooges

The Senate Comedy Show is getting more bizarre by the day.

I’m still bordering on speechless over the tacky, inexplicable (really) behavior coming from John McCain and Lindsey Graham. They could not look more like complete stooges right now.

Sorry to those of you who think McCain’s service to the country earns him unquestionable respect and honor, but, he could not be acting more like a self-serving, opportunistic buffoon than he is now.

He must be losing his mind.

Once again, those of us on the outside watching this charade cannot comprehend what McCain and Graham could be thinking. Not only are they betraying the Republican Party, they are insulting everyone who is watching them behave like brash know-it-alls — with such superior wisdom that no one will notice they are publicly undermining and stabbing in the back the very men who they should be mentoring and helping to get their footing. Even the Democrats must be groaning at the repugnance of such public displays of betrayal.

They should both be deeply ashamed. But, obviously, they are incapable of seeing how despicable their conduct is — which makes it even more despicable.

Then, there was the third stooge — Harry Reid. Standing on the Senate floor sounding and looking like a zombie, he mumbled into a microphone that he would not interfere with the filibuster that Rand was employing, because, after all, “I’ve done it myself before,” (paraphrased quote).

Think of it. Harry Reid mustered together and demonstrated more respect for Senator Paul than McCain and Graham put together.

Go figure.

I tried to find a nice little ditty to take into the weekend. Something to get our minds off of such disappointing leadership.

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