The Watercooler ~ All Girls Allowed

In honor of all of the courageous Chinese Christians who have dedicated their lives to ending China’s One-Child policy, today’s open thread will highlight the work being done by an organization called, “All Girls Allowed.”

A plea for help was posted on their website yesterday:

Please join us in prayer and fasting tomorrow (March 5, 2013) as the 12th National People’s Congress convenes in Beijing. There have been some rumblings about changes to the One-Child Policy, so please ask the Lord to move China’s decision makers to bring the policy to an end…

You may have heard about All Girls Allowed when this story was publicized in China through social media in June of 2012. (Warning: graphic picture.) The woman pictured was beaten, blindfolded and abducted from her home by Chinese Family Planning officials while her husband was at work. Her crime was being seven months pregnant. She was taken to a clinic where officials forcibly aborted the baby. The dead fetus was then placed in the bed next to the mother in a plastic bag.

The stories that are being uncovered and shown to the world are causing panic and confusion in the government as they scramble to hide and cover up the hideous truth of what is taking place daily in China under its One-Child Policy. Nevertheless, the brutality continues. On February 6, 2013, Chinese officials ran over and crushed to death a thirteen-month-old boy after they knocked him out of his mother’s arms while they were arresting her for being pregnant with her third child.

All Girls Allowed was founded by Chai Ling in 2010 with a mission to display the love of Jesus by restoring life, value and dignity to girls and mothers in China and revealing the injustice of the One-Child Policy. Ling’s motto: “In Jesus’ Name, Simply Love Her.”

Note: Given that this story is based in China, I debated with myself about whether this topic would be appropriate for RedState. I decided that since many RedState members (including all front-page contributors) have a passion to bring most legal abortions to an end in America, that passion would extend to concern for our brothers and sisters in China where abortion policies are much more brutal than ours. I hope you all agree.

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