The Watercooler ~ Friday's Open Thread [Amended]

I wonder what would happen if, instead of doing politics the traditional way of putting pressure on elected representatives in our own party when we want to make our voices heard, we started “crossing the aisle” and demanding that the other side listen to us, too? I mean, just because we lost a seat to a Democrat does not mean that they no longer represent us.

I’ve been thinking about this lately. We still have a right to be heard and that elected official still has a duty to listen and find a way to represent us no matter what party their constituents are from. Who knows, consistent pressure may start pushing more moderate Dems in our direction. It just seems that we stay in our predictable positions, doing what is predictable and nothing ever changes much at all.

We wouldn’t have to let their office know that we are Republican when we call to make our voices heard on a particular issue, just that we have strong positions on a matter and want them to be considered.

Everyone seems stuck in their predictable ruts and we need to start taking unpredictable actions to rock the boat. There is a total lack of creative leadership all the way around and we all look like Obama as a result — leading from behind. Thoughts, anyone?


Sort of along the same lines of all-things-political-needing-to-change, one good thing I see coming out of the kerfuffle involving Bob Woodward’s story regarding intimidating tactics used by the White House to shut down/out/up viewpoints they don’t want spoken or heard is that since the incident began, Woodward claims he is getting many calls from others who have experienced the same mistreatment — others who have been punished for telling the truth when it contradicts the One. In other words, Woodward is emboldening others to speak out and that is a good thing all the way around.

Woodward is at the age where he certainly does not need to defend or establish himself or his credibility and he is expressing concern for younger journalists who are too inexperienced and/or intimidated to know what to do or how to combat this kind of bullying. Maybe he can be a mentor to rock that boat, too.

Added Saturday, 11:40 a.m. Pacific: Found this great piece on Woodward’s Apostasy.

I’ll leave you with this nice worship song from Hillsong:

Have a great weekend.

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