The Watercooler ~ Friday's Open Thread

Okay, after moaning and groaning yesterday, I got so much great feedback and references to read from the commenters that I’m ready to carry on. That’s one of the reasons I keep coming to RedState — I learn so much from others.

In fact, this one (courtesy of RedState member Wubbies) at Forbes hit the nail on the head and is a must read for those wanting more insight on the intra-party war taking place inside the Republican Party.

More than anything else, that’s what had me down yesterday. Since Rove declared war on us, it has become shockingly more clear the lengths the Establishment will go to to hold onto power and just how much they despise us. Mind-boggling.

Speaking of learning from others, for those of you who feel called to get involved in the battle to seize back our schools from the left, this is a must read posted at RedState by Melody Warbington yesterday. The links in her diary will catch you up to speed with the mess the feds are making using Common Core Standards (created by leftists) and what conservatives in Alabama are doing to stop it.

Heading into another weekend, here’s a song for those of you who may be running from God:

Have a great weekend.