The Watercooler ~ Random Thoughts Half-Baked

Please bear with me as I try to get my rhythm down with these open threads. I’m not used to “writing on demand” so to speak, and I quickly realized that doing one every day was too much. You know, familiarity breeds contempt and drains creativity. I work best when naturally inspired and find it hard to produce on demand. So, I’m playing around with the frequency of posting these.

Moving on, from time to time, I start feeling really bogged down and question whether I should stay involved in the political battle to save our nation. I wonder if I am wasting my time, money, and energy investing in trying to bring about change, and my mood-swings about it all are reflected in my diaries. There is so much disappointment in those we thought we could trust or wanted to trust and I really don’t like playing integrity cop — which is what I feel like we do much of the time.

Normally, I would stay far away from people engaged in such glaring recklessness — where greedy fools and power-hungry egos battle each other with the basest of motives day in and day out — oblivious to the real lives and real people who are suffering as a result of their actions.

When I look at the bigger picture and the apparent hopeless gridlock and game-playing in Washington, it’s beyond the average person’s ability to comprehend the destructive, childish, selfish behavior we see taking place there day after day.

Millions of Americans continue to suffer from the loss of their homes, jobs and futures, while the ruling elites in Washington get raises and Obama — in between mini-golf vacations — pushes for more investment and revenue (more commonly known as higher taxes and more spending) as the answer to all of our problems.

To those of us out here looking in, it is like watching a surreal nightmare of pending doom that we cannot wake up from.

And I really wonder if we have reached the point of no return — where the government has grown so large and the greed has become so entrenched into the system that it cannot be extricated, thus, perpetuating the peril for all of us.

Hopeless as it all seems, when I consider walking away from it all, something compels me to stay involved. Even if I fail to make a difference, I would rather lose fighting than lose doing nothing.

So, the only thing left to battle that’s completely within my control is how to stay a happy warrior in spite of so many losses and disappointments. Thus, my escape into the world of music. Keeps me centered and sane.

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