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A very courageous sixteen-year-old pregnant teen in Texas won her battle to prevent her parents from forcing her to abort her baby. It seems after all the publicity about the case, her parents backed down and agreed to allow their daughter to give birth to the child.

One of the conditions of the agreement is that the daughter will marry the sixteen-year-old father of the child which — in the linked interview — he appears happy to oblige.

Makes you wonder how many other pregnant teens without the support necessary to fight back are forced by their own parents to murder their baby.

As an additional aside, have you filled up your gas tank lately? I paid $4.17 per gallon yesterday here in Cali. The usual reasons for the spiraling upward prices are being given with the foremost excuse being that it’s the time of year when the refineries have to change the “blend” of gas in preparation for summer. In the meantime, Obama takes his sweet time to decide if we can go ahead with the Keystone Pipeline. Hopefully, his latest golf excursion with Tiger Woods gave him the refreshment he needs to make the right decision.

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