The Watercooler ~ Monday's Open Thread

Conservative bloggers, activists and political pundits frequently bemoan the blatant bias that we see every day in the media. Indeed, it has become so glaringly obvious that only the most dense person would not recognize it. The left has turned the field of journalism into a mockery. No standards, no truth, no-holds-barred. All’s fair in their tacit agreement to use their broadcasting power to defeat anyone who stands in the way of implementing the left’s agenda for America.

The most recent example came on the heels of Senator Marco Rubio’s State of the Union speech when he had the audacity to need a drink of water. How dare he commit such a faux pas. The left-wing propaganda machine played it and replayed it in its predictable attempts to make Rubio look like an incompetent bumbler.

What to do about it? Even the soft-spoken Dr. Benjamin Carson mentioned it in follow-up interviews he conducted after his much-watched speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. In response to his critics who tried to shame him for daring to give a speech that challenged President Obama’s vision for the country at a prayer breakfast, he reminded everyone that Obama is not a monarch and that our government is here to serve us not the other way around.

Dr. Carson’s answer to what to do about the political correctness police is to speak up. The left’s tactics are designed to silence us and only allow their side to be heard (because they’re so tolerant and all). And we must resist that pressure and speak out no matter where we are or who is present.

Good advice. I would like to see the pretense dropped and less cooperation with left-wing journalists altogether. They need to be seen for what they are — our enemies. Why does our side continue to walk into their camp knowing every question and comment will be laced with propaganda and innuendo designed to destroy, belittle and marginalize us? At some point, we must recognize that this is stupid on our part.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll leave you with some good music by Jon Gibson to enjoy on this President’s Day Monday or, more accurately, Washington’s Birthday. (See the link for Mike DeVine’s history of how the name has been changed unofficially.)

Have a great week.