Breaking: Police Engaged in Gun Battle With Christopher Dorner

Nearly every station is covering the battle. It is not clear how the shoot-out began or how the police located Dorner, but reports are that the battle is taking place in a remote area of the San Bernardino Mountains called Angelus Oaks. It is about twenty miles away from the area where Dorner’s truck was found in Big Bear Lake.

Reports are that Dorner broke into a cabin and tied up an elderly couple and stole their vehicle. There have been numerous shots fired and two officers have been shot. Their condition is not known. There are a number of cabins in the area and they are not sure which cabin Dorner is in and they are surrounding the area.

Will update as info comes in.

Update: One of the two officers who were shot this afternoon has died at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

There continues to be conflicting reports regarding the stolen vehicle and who it belonged to. One report is that Dorner had broken into a cabin very near where his truck broke down in Big Bear last week and held two people hostage and that it was their truck that he took off in today. But, I heard another report that it was not the hostages truck that was stolen but another person that Dorner flagged down at gun point and took his truck today. One of the victims called police and a pursuit ensued going down the mountain. Dorner then crashed in the truck and ran into the cabin that is surrounded and on fire now.