Speaker Boehner Finally Makes A Dignified Move & Dismisses House Without A Vote

Finally, Speaker Boehner shows some courage and, basically, tells President Obama and Senator Reid to go play with themselves until they decide to get serious about the nation’s quandary. In a surprising but appropriate move, Boehner sent the House home before the Senate finished putting together yet another raise taxes/spend more/cut nothing rip off bill — signaling the House’s willingness to go over the cliff rather then bend over again for the irresponsible, greedy, arrogant Democrats.

This is going to be an interesting Congressional session as we watch Obama continue to arrogantly overreach and sabotage a working relationship with Republicans. His hubris continues to blind him to just how offensive his little tantrums are — and going before the cameras to threaten and intimidate his perceived enemies every time he doesn’t get what he wants is going to get old quick.

Boehner did the right thing at just the right time by seeing the writing on the wall and the futility of going in circles and expecting anything to change. He allowed the House to retain their dignity while giving Obama a subtle but very clear middle finger. I’m sure this bold move just saved Boehner from any more efforts to boot him out of the Speaker’s chair for the 113th Congress and will help to repair some of the fracturing between House Republicans.

Thanks, Speaker Boehner. You did the right thing.

Update: January 1, 2013 But now that the Senate burnt the midnight oil last night and came up with an abysmal piece of garbage bill, Speaker Boehner needs to continue to show some cajones and allow the House to mark it up in such a way as to be unacceptable to the Dems. Then they can throw a fit, reject it and get the blame for it. Don’t cave now Boehner.