Hobby Lobby Won't Comply...Despite $1.3 Million Daily Non-Compliance Fine

So, according to the Department of Justice, Americans lose their religious liberty when they go into business and thus, must forsake their conscience and comply with the requirement to provide abortifacient drugs in the health care plans they provide to their employees beginning January 1, 2013. That was the response from DOJ when the Hobby Lobby filed suit in September to get relief from the Health and Human Services mandate in Obamacare. Here’s a snippet from the Becket Fund For Religious Liberty — a non-profit, public-interest legal firm representing Hobby Lobby:

Washington, DC – Hobby Lobby continues its battle for religious freedom following a brief filed on Monday by the Department of Justice, asserting the company gives up its religious freedom when going into business.

“That’s a startling and disturbing claim for our government to make. The Green family is asking to continue to live their faith by not paying for drugs that might cause abortions,” said Lori Windham, Senior Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. “They’re not objecting to all forms of birth control, and they want to continue to provide good health care and good wages for their employees. But that’s not enough for the federal government. They claim that the Greens must comply—and pay for abortion-causing drugs—or pay millions of dollars in fines.”

The government’s brief argues that you don’t have any constitutional religious freedom rights as a businessperson.

While the Becket Fund will continue to appeal this case, The Hobby Lobby has been denied relief from the abortifacient requirement twice by the federal courts including an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court. They must now comply with the requirement beginning January 1 or face daily fines of up to $1.3 million.

Despite the coercive bullying of the federal government, Hobby Lobby — whose owners and founders are devout Christians — is standing strong and will not comply.

Jesus said a lot of startling things to his followers about the price one would pay to follow him. “Those who seek to save their lives, shall lose it. And those who lose their lives for my sake, shall find it.”

I hope and pray that the owners of Hobby Lobby do not lose their business due to the fines they incur for taking a stand and refusing to comply with an unconstitutional mandate. But if they do, they are to be commended for being willing to pay the price to honor God — no matter what the federal government does to them.