Is Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn Ready To Replace Speaker Boehner?

It is time to make changes in the House — primarily in the leadership. There has been a slow movement toward acknowledging that Speaker Boehner can no longer pretend he is the best man for the job. If he were less of a political animal and more of a principled statesman, he would do the right thing and withdraw his name from consideration for Speaker of the 113th Congress. However, since that is very unlikely to happen, conservatives must do the right thing and find enough votes to prevent him from getting the absolute majority required to remain Speaker.

Now, it is time to consider who could replace him. I have just finished reading Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s biography and remain impressed with her record. She would be a refreshing new face (not to mention, she is quite beautiful — and I can say that because I’m a woman) and she is a fantastic public speaker and defender of conservative principles. But, especially interesting is this:

Blackburn was selected to serve as an Assistant Majority Whip in the 108th Congress and an Assistant Minority Whip for the 109th Congress. Whip Roy Blunt has recently selected Congressman Blackburn to serve as a Deputy Whip for the 110th Congress

I was not aware that she has experience as an Assistant Whip. Twice. Maybe she is ready for a promotion and is the right person to handle a fractured Republican House for the 113th Congress. Thoughts?