Breaking: Senator Jim DeMint Leaving Senate in January [Updated]

There is little more to report at this point.  Fox News just reported that South Carolina U.S. Senator Jim DeMint is leaving his senate post early in January to go to work at the Heritage Foundation.

This is shocking news.  He was just reelected in 2010 and has four more years left to serve.  More info will be forthcoming.

If there were a way to post this in an open thread such as we used to have in the Morning Briefing, I would have put it there to prevent such a short diary.  Will update as more info comes out.

Update: I should have waited before writing this diary as our beloved editor — Erick Erickson — knew about the forthcoming announcement and posted an eloquent piece about Senator DeMint’s departure here.

I am still struggling to understand why Erick sees this as a brilliant move and, instead — in light of so much bad news on the heels of the most disappointing election of my lifetime — I am stuck in my own selfish sadness over the loss.

Consider this an open thread for fellow mourners to commiserate and pontificate as acceptance of the loss of Jim DeMint in the U.S. Senate sinks in.