Homo-fascists in California are Really Pushing the Envelope (CLOSED)

With so much focus on the elections, I was not able to follow closely the shenanigans taking place in Sacramento regarding a controversial bill that was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in September.  The bill essentially bans any counselors from assisting adult or minor clients with “sexual orientation change efforts” and will go into effect January 1.

The Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Southern California, immediately filed suit after Governor Brown signed SB 1172 into law and has documented at their website the history of the legislative process and legal actions being taken.  The following is an excerpt from one of the Pacific Justice Institute’s blogs when the legislation was first being considered in May:

‘Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute, is not mincing words. “I can honestly say this is one of the most outrageous, speech-chilling bills we have ever seen in California—and that’s saying a lot,” he said.

The main purpose of the bill, SB 1172, is to limit the ability of psychologists, therapists and other counselors to assist adult or minor clients with sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE). SB 1172 flatly bans SOCE for minors—regardless of the parents’ or minors’ wishes—and requires a new consent form for adults containing statements about sexual orientation that many counselors would dispute. The bill then creates significant liability for professionals who proceed with SOCE.’

The blog goes on to describe how SB 1172 blames those who think it is possible to change sexual orientation for teen suicides, depression, relationship problems and a whole host of ills.  The frightening implications of this moral power-grab can be seen when parents who are concerned about their children’s sexual identity problems are considered a danger to their children’s well being — thus laying the groundwork for empowering the state to intervene to protect the child from the alleged parental abuse.  The full article can be found here. 

And they wonder why we call them “homosexual fascists” with an agenda.

You can read more about the entire process including the upcoming legal challenge at:   Pacificjustice.org

Correction:  There is an error in the first paragraph of this diary with respect to the final draft of SB 1172.  The bill was amended five times and the final draft did not include adults in the ban on SOCE — only minors (which makes it even creepier in a sense.)