Let 'Em Eat Crow

The personal irony I feel over the election results is like a double-edged sword.

Before Romney slashed and burned his way to win the primary, I did not mince words in conveying my contempt for him and spoke with certainty that he would lose if he became our nominee.  But when the inevitable was foisted upon us and he became King Crap of Republican Pooh Mountain, like a dutiful soldier, I swallowed my contempt, got in line, deferred to the “experts” (which included listening to the ferocious debate over the accuracy of the polls and not having a clue who was right) and did my best to support his candidacy.

But now that what we all knew in our innermost hearts has come to pass, the open hostility I feel toward the Establishment Republicans who pushed Romney on us is equal to the contempt I feel for the left.  And I do mean equal.

Washington is completely corrupt.  From top to bottom.  The entire Hill has no clothes on.  And everybody knows it.

That’s not to say there are not devoted, principled conservative Americans in the mix there, but there are not enough of them yet to break up the self-perpetuating rings of corruption that keep the merry-go-round going around.

I feel no sympathy for any of them.  The hypocrisy evident in all of them is apparent for all the world to see.  We deserve whatever is coming down the pike in terms of financial collapse and/or ruin and the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.  Why prolong the agony any longer?  Go ahead and drive us off the fiscal cliff.  Maybe when we get to the bottom, the only ones remaining will be the new breed of leaders we so desperately need.

I don’t share the view that the election results prove that conservatives are passe, out of touch, need to change their message or that American ideals are gone forever.  Obama barely won.  As someone else pointed out, fifty percent of sixty percent means he only got thirty percent of the electorate to vote for him.  Hardly a mandate.

It was a vote of disgust.  A vote of hopelessness.  A vote of no confidence in any of them.

There are a few winners that I still believe in — and they will be the ones left standing to help put the pieces back together when America reaches the end of her rope.  The Americans who built America and still love her.  The Americans who love God and recognize that without Him, we are nothing and can do nothing.  Americans who would rather work the lowest paying jobs than to take a hand-out from the socialist pimps standing on every corner in every city in the country trying to seduce all of us to take money they’ve stolen from others.  The millions of recent legal immigrants who love everything America stands for.

America’s principles are sound and will be left standing in spite of our corrupt politicians.  In the meantime, I have no intention of interfering with the contempt being heaped upon my own party right now.  Let ’em eat crow.