RedState Growing Pains And Winning This Election

Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my brain around some of Erick’s comments in his diaries.  But when I find myself perplexed about it, I slow down and try to listen more because I realize that he has much more experience than I in the realm of politics and is probably aware of and seeing things that I do not see.

What I don’t like about a lot of the commentary of late is people accusing Erick of evil motives and impugning his character because they disagree with his analysis.  When I see old-timers jump on this band wagon, my first impression is that they are projecting jealousy, envy and/or avenging an old grudge — which makes me listen to their criticisms even less as a result.

RedState is under a lot of pressure right now and is going through a lot of changes.  Most of the regulars here are not happy with the changes (myself included) but have been able to vent their frustrations without eviscerating Erick and thinking the absolute worst of him.  There really can be more than one correct position to take on issues and I hate to see people turn on Erick even if the changes here were a mistake.  He has made clear he is not happy with it either and is still open to further amendments to the changes.

We need to learn how to disagree with each other without betraying and abandoning each other.  And yes, I’m talking to myself, too.  I know I have flown off the handle more than once here and am constantly looking for better ways to effectively debate and confront.

Not sure why I am writing this.  Needed to get it off my chest, I guess.  I love RedState and I still believe in Erick and all of the mods and most of the writers and commenters here.  Hope we don’t let the redesign disappointment destroy us completely.  We need each other more than ever right now.  We are on the brink of winning this election big time.