Hillsdale's Free Constitution Course Still Available

Some of you may remember several announcements here at RedState a few months ago about the online course on the Constitution being offered for free by Hillsdale College.

I just received my Certificate of Completion in the mail for the course which is titled, “Constitution 101 The Meaning and History of the Constitution.”

I just wanted to remind everyone that the course continues to have open free enrollment.  Hillsdale has made taking this informative class simple as all of the lectures and reading materials are archived and may be accessed at your convenience — so there really is no excuse for those who would like to bone up on their Constitutional knowledge.

Over 275,000 Americans have registered for the course.  Please consider registering so that you can keep pace with the Tea Party movement — a movement that is well-versed in the Constitution and is helping America return to its true foundation.

You may find out more and register for the course at:  https://www.hillsdaleoffer.com/civicrm/contribute/transact?reset=1&id=13&custom_16=OCC&custom_31=HIP7NAPP&custom_32=E007H