I lost my innocence at RedState...will I ever get it back? [Updated]

Okay, I need some feedback, again.

I’m getting scared.  I think I might be becoming a political junky and I’m not sure I like it.  No, really.  Before I decided it was imperative for me to do my duty to help save my country from Obama, I was relatively naive about politics and just thought of them as a necessary evil.  Now, I seem to spend most of my time at RedState, sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next cutting edge story or inside scoop on how to win the most crucial race or discern the most pertinent development of a critical issue that might prove to be THE most important answer to all of our nation’s problems.

Do you think I have a problem?  Does it sound like I might be becoming addicted to politics?  Is this how it always is, or is it just because we are soooo afraid to see Obama get reelected that our emotions are heightened and desperation is setting in?

I need some honest answers from some of you veteran political junkies out there.

I remember being so confused when I first came to RedState, trying to understand why everybody was sooo emotional and intense about how to go about defeating the left.  I had no idea what a coattail was and wondered why everyone was so paranoid about the government taking away our second amendment rights.  I was also completely stupid about how to discern political trolls, invaders and infiltrators here at RedState.   But —  in no time short — I found myself delighted with glee when Bill S., Moe or Neil would come along, detect danger in a poster and annihilate ’em from the site!  Victory!  We got one of the traitors!

Now, a mere year later, I’m checking out a new gun store across town, am an active member in the local Tea Party and have to fight feelings of rage toward relatives who are “leftish.”  That leaves me conflicted because as a Christian, I am supposed to love my enemies (especially when they’re relatives), but how can I love someone who is so stupid?  Can’t they see the danger all around us and how our freedoms are hanging in the balance?

Is this just a phase?  Or am I permanently addicted?  Will I get tired of this and back off after a while or am I doomed to this obsession that if I don’t pay attention, hold everybody I can think of accountable and motivate my whole neighborhood to register Republican, I have failed my civic duty to my country?

Maybe I just need a little reassurance.  Does it get any easier or does this go on for life?  Thank you for any answers anyone can give me.


Update:  Thursday, 7-26-2012  It occurred to me about half-way through replying to all the comments that I was asking other political addicts if they thought I was becoming addicted to politics.  Then I thought that might be the equivalent of asking all my drinking buddies at the bar* if they thought I was an alcoholic.  Could they really be honest and objective and give me the answers that I need?

The answer is yes.  Thank you so much for all of the comments here.  You helped me through another growing pain and I really appreciate all of the insight, advice, commiseration and encouragement.  Politics ain’t all bad, and I now feel ready to march forward determined to remain a happy warrior.

*Just an analogy…I don’t have buddies I drink with at bars.