It's a Conspiracy...All Three Branches of the Feds are Assaulting States' Sovereignty

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.  Amendment X


A couple of years ago, when I decided I could no longer stay on the sidelines in the political struggle for the soul of our nation, I cut my teeth on an in-depth study of our founding documents starting with the Tenth Amendment.  In my research, I came upon many websites and organizations that were also focusing on this particular amendment to bring into focus the assault taking place on our liberties as the federal government continues to gobble up and usurp powers that were never delegated to them to begin with.

Embarrassingly, I will admit I was very guilty of not fully understanding federalism and the importance of its impact upon our founding — especially as it relates to protecting our liberties and securing our rights as outlined in the Declaration of Independence.  Now that we are living under the most openly abusive dictator-like Presidential administration in our nation’s recent history (some may say the most abusive ever), the dangers of granting too much power to the national government have come into clear view.

I was able to fully focus my outrage at what is taking place in our nation when I finally had a mentor explain to me that the States created the federal government and not the other way around.  The States did this by delegating certain powers to the feds to handle matters that the States could not handle individually.  In essence, the thirteen colonies could be compared to thirteen families in a neighborhood hiring an agent to handle specific delegated matters for the families to keep them safe and secure.  Think of the absurdity of the agent, turning on the families and taking over matters not delegated to them and forcing the families to abide by their rules!  That is exactly what is taking place in America today and all three branches of the federal government — meant to be a check on each other — are essentially in collusion with each other to take over our properties.

From corrupt legislation coming out of Congress, to the President issuing executive orders to the States and continually suing them to prevent them from protecting their citizens, to the U.S. Supreme Court ignoring the twenty-six states who cried foul over OCare, our federal government has become our enemy working collaboratively with one another to steal powers and property from us while usurping all power unto themselves such as any bully or power-hungry dictator would do.   The Courts have become nothing but a branch of the corruption with a huge conflict of interest as they rubber stamp the usurpation of powers rather than protecting the States’ sovereignty.  What else could explain Chief Justice Roberts’ failure to defend the States?   Expecting a branch of the feds to be an impartial judge for the States is like having your ex-mother-in-law be the judge in your divorce proceedings.  And we wonder why we keep losing our country.

Governor Perry and Speaker Gingrich spoke often about the Tenth Amendment during their primary campaigns.  Now that the Courts rubber-stamped one more gross violation of that amendment by upholding OCare, we have a perfect opening to wage a war against the feds if we can take all three branches back in November.  Crucial to a win will be for the twenty-six State Governors — who sued the feds to stop OCare — to stand together and continue to oppose the implementation of this blatantly unconstitutional — and thus illegitimate — law.

I have always hated bullies.  We are positioned for a huge win if we can keep the momentum and Tea Party rage flowing.  For once, maybe Republicans will unite and fight for the sake of our posterity.