Time For Another Tea Party Backlash [Updated]

The Courts have failed us again, and, of course, no one has been able yet to fully digest what just transpired, but at a minimum, our judicial overlords have failed to protect Americans from the Obamacare travesty.

I can barely think straight or comprehend how the Courts used the “it’s a tax” justification to uphold the individual mandate.  All I know is I am just as furious now as I was when the Dems first rammed this monstrosity through Congress.  No, I am more furious now than I was then because it is incredulous to me that the Courts could betray us as they have done.

I pray the Tea Party arises again, gains many more warriors, and we deal with this in November.  It’s all on us now, people.


UPDATE 6-30-12  3:18pm EST:  It has now been over two days since this bizarre decision was handed down and I am able to think a little more clearly and am better informed about how the nine justices of the Supreme Court arrived at their decisions.  I have also listened to those who think this was some brilliant chess move by Roberts that would ultimately benefit conservatives in achieving our goals, and I reiterate that I completely reject those arguments in terms of excusing Roberts from his cowardly conduct.  I also adamantly reject any attempts to blame the electorate for Roberts’ abdication of his responsibility to legally protect the citizens of this nation from an illegal and unconstitutional law.

And I do not consider this whining.  Roberts (as well as the other four justices who upheld the law and whom we sometimes let off the hook because we already expect partisan lawlessness from them) caved and failed in their basic judicial duties and, as a result, they are inflicting further pain and suffering upon this nation.  Incredulous and cowardice.  That is how I see it.