Is This a Win In The Making For Libertarians?

With a President now getting more and more comfortable with issuing edicts and a Congress becoming equally more and more impotent with respect to doing anything about it, I think this may actually equate into a victory for Libertarians.* Let me explain myself.

We are witnessing a virtual implosion of the rule of law as we helplessly watch the most corrupt (IMO) person who has ever occupied the White House undermine our Constitution and employ raw — as well as reckless — political power grabs with impunity.  With each abuse of power (the continual suing of states who are trying to protect its citizens, ie. Voter ID and State Immigration laws — not to mention the abusive edicts being imposed on states by the EPA and the NLRB) the feeling of vulnerability and loss of control for the average American increases.

Unless I am being unreasonably optimistic, I believe Americans will only take so much of this before we begin to take matters into our own hands.  And this is where the Libertarians come into the picture.  This implosion — if managed well — will result in a much smaller and less intrusive government by necessity.  Actually, as horrifying as watching all of this is, it may prove to be a win for all of us who long for a return to limited government and individual responsibility for our lives and the lives of our posterity.  The system is slowly and inevitably imploding as we witness the stalemate in Congress render them unable to manage the messes they have created.  Meanwhile, as our anger and frustration increases, it would seem we have only two choices left.

Either we give in to the wolves (Obama and his Marxist/Socialist/EvilDems) that are licking their chops and waiting at the door to wholely devour us (by eliminating the Constitution completely and forcing submission to something else), or we continue to coalesce and work together to restore individual liberty under the Constitution we love and want to preserve.  This will require all hands on deck, a lot of prayer and a resolute determination to stand our ground and preserve what matters while letting the rest die off.   It’s watching the stuff die off all around us that gets a little scary sometimes, though.


*Update:  Thanks to feedback in the comments section, I need to clarify that I am not meaning to imply that I think the current political climate will result in an increase in official affiliation with the Libertarian Party.  I was speaking purely philosophically about libertarian conservatism and its strong appeal to limited government and individual liberty.



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